Setting up your NQWC Office365 account


This article will show you how to set up your Office365 account and connect it to the Microsoft Authenticator app to activate the multifactor authentication. 


Before beginning, please download the following app. Click the link to download.

Microsoft Authenticator


1: The webmaster will send you your account creation email with your temporary password. Click the orange "Sign into Office 365" button to start.

Take note of your email and temporary password. (password removed from below image)



2: The below webpage will load. Enter the temporary password. 

Click "Sign In".



3: The system will require you to update your password to your own unique password.

In the "Current Password" field, enter the temporary password from the previous email.

Then enter your own password underneath, and repeat it underneath that to confirm. 



If your password doesn't meet the complexity requirements, you will get this notice. 


4:  Now we need to set up the multifactor authentication to make your account more secure. 

Click the blue Next button. 



5: This is where you need the Microsoft Authenticator app from earlier. 

Click next



SIDE NOTE: Get your phone ready. Follow this article now


6: Click Next



7: A QR code should now be displayed. Using the camera on your phone from before, scan the QR code shown on your screen. 

You phone should now have successfully imported your account. 

DO NOT scan this QR code below.



8: On your mobile device a notification should appear requesting you to approve a sign in. Click approve and follow any security prompts on your mobile device, ie fingerprint scan etc. 



9: If the approval notification is successful, your screen should show as below. Click Next if you have the green tick. 



10: Success. You have now completed setting up your NQWildlife Care Office365 account. Click Done to be taken to you office dashboard. 


If you have any difficulties with these steps, please log a support ticket.

Log a support ticket

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