How to update the announcements

If you need to make a change to the announcements, or to what is spoken to the MOP on the UNIDEN VOC system, then follow the below instructions.

 1. Log in the Uniden portal


2. In the left-hand pane,

navigate to Tools / Setup

In the pop-out menu, select Announcements


You will see the current announcements 


3. Navigate to the announcement that you need to make changes to. In this example, Shop Manger - TTS:Olivia will be used.

select the Edit button


4. In the window you will see a few fields. 

Announcement Name The name of the announcement. This is used to identify the announcement when you search for it in other parts of the dashboard. 

The Text-to-Speech voice that will be used. In this example, Australia English - Female - Olivia is used (it is the most natural sounding in the list for the Australia accent.)

You can select other voices, but NOTE, if you do, you will have multiple different voices on the phone, which may confuse MOPS

Message This text is what will be spoken on the phone. It is a automatically synthesized voice generated by the system. 
Play Announcement

Used to listen to the play back of the voice.

It is recommended to do this after each edit so you can listen to the nuances of the voice and make sure it sounds ok. 


5. Once you have made the required changes and confirmed the voice by using the playback button, 

click Save

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