HOW TO: Approve new members


This is an intermediate instructional guide, users with general computer knowledge recommended. 

The following instructions requires ADMIN level access to Wordpress. 


Approving members

NOTE: This task can only be completed at the committee meeting once the committee ratifies the individual memberships

1.  Navigate to the Memberships button in the left-hand pane. 


2. In the list of pending memberships, approve or deny the membership in the Approval Status column. 


2.1 - APPROVED. If approved, the member will receive an email advising them of their successful application as a member. 

2.2 - DENIED - If the committee has decided to reject a membership, the member will receive an email advising them of their unsuccessful application.

2.2.1 - As the member's payment method has already been billed, the treasurer will have to process a reversal in the Stripe dashboard

2.3 - Email Confirmation Required - The member has yet to confirm their email by following the link in the email sent to them. At this point, the membership application cannot be processed.  

It is recommended that the Secretary sends the member an email asking them to verify their email address. 

If requested by the member, the Secretary can resend the email confirmation link by

      1. going to the main membership list,
      2. search the members name,
      3. hover the cursor over their username and;
      4. clicking, resend email confirmation.

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