HOW TO: Upload and add to website the newsletter

NOTE 1: Other instructional articles refer to this article.


This is a TWO-PART guide. 



This is an advanced instructional guide, users with in-depth computer knowledge recommended. 

The following instructions require ADMIN level access to Wordpress. 


PART ONE - Uploading the newsletter file to WordPress



1. Navigate to


2. Sign in with your ADMIN credentials.


3. On the Wordpress Dashboard,

navigate to File Manager tab in the left-hand menu pane. 


4. In the File Manager screen, 

navigate to Newsletters folder in the blue left-hand pane. 

Open the current year folder, by double clicking. 


5.  Upload the newsletter, in pdf format ONLY

click the floppy disc icon.

here you may either, click on Select Files, which will open your computers file explorer.


you can drag the file directly from file explorer into the dashed area on the user interface box (below).


6. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, we now have to retrieve is specific file URL.

Right-mouse click on the new file. A drop-down menu will appear (below)

Select Get info at the very bottom of the drop-down list. (high-lighted blue below)


7.  To retrieve the file URL, we need to copy the link which is high-lighted in blue below.

Right-mouse click the link

Select Copy Link in the drop-down menu. (shaded below) 

The link is now copied to your device's clipboard.

Tip: It is good practice to open a new browser window/tab and paste the URL there to verify the link works. If it works, the pdf will load in that browser window. Keep that window open.


Refer to instructional article Sending out the newsletter here



PART TWO - Adding the new newsletter to the website



8. Navigate to the Pages tab in the left menu pane.


9. In the pages list, use the search bar in the top right and use the search term "newsletters"

In the results, find the Newsletters page (see below image).

Click on Edit with WPBakery link. Try this link Edit with WPBakery


10. You should now see the 'WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get' editor for the website.


11. Now you need to add the link saved from earlier to the corresponding month button on this page

Hover the mouse curser over the respective month's button and select the pencil icon that appears in the floating box


12. In the Button Settings user interface, select the Select URL button.


13. The Insert/edit link dialogue box will appear

In the URL field, paste the URL saved from earlier

In the Link Text field, change to "[Month] Newsletter".

Select the Open link in a new tab, check box

The fields should look similar to the below image

Click the Set Link button, to save the changes. 


14. The saved changes should appear similar to the below image in the previous Button Setting dialogue box. 


15. Before we can save changes, we need to change the colour of the button from Grey to Green

Select the Color drop-down. 

Select Classic Green when the drop-down menu appears. 


16. Now that all the settings have been made;

click the Save Changes button at the bottom.

Then click the X at the top.  

After you've exited from the above dialogue box, verify the changes have been made by checking that the button has changed colour etc. 


17. Now it's time to publish the changes to the website. 

Click the light blue Update button in the top right blue bar. Once published, a green bar will appear. 


18. Completion. 

You can now click the X in the top right in the blue bar to close the page. 



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